Caramelo - Beryl's Gourmet
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1. Caster Sugar 150g
2. Glucose 45g
3. UHT cream 300g
4. Beryl’s 41% Milk Chocolate 300g
5. For Shell
Beryl’s Extra Dark Compound chocolate

As needed



Combine caster sugar and glucose together and cook it until it turns to dark caramel. After that, slowly pour the UHT cream to dissolve the caramelized sugar and turns into caramel sauce. Pour the caramel sauce into Beryl’s 41% Milk Chocolate and stir to dissolve the chocolate.

Molding Chocolate:

Melt the Beryl’s Extra Dark Compound Chocolate. Pour the melted chocolate over the mold and make sure the cavities are properly cover by chocolate. Knock the mold to remove the trapped air and then turn it upside down and knock again to remove the excess chocolate. Place the chocolate mold upside down on top of the wire rack. Once the chocolate set, pipe the filling into an appropriate level. Lastly, seal the molded praline with a small amount of chocolate. Put into chiller for at least few minutes, make sure the chocolate doesn’t attach with the mold before it’s ready to unmold.