Le Royal Cake - Beryl's Gourmet
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A. Chocolate Mud Cake

1. Egg 93g
2. Caster sugar 313g
3. Vegetable oil 123g
4. Beryl’s Premium Pure Cocoa Powder 63g
5. Baking soda 10g
6. Plain flour 186g
7. Full cream milk 206g
8. Sour cream 206g


Combine eggs, caster sugar and vegetable oil into a mixer bowl, whisk them together with high speed until it turns into creamy nd fluffy texture. Sieve the dry ingredients and then gently fold into the mixture. Combine sour cream and full cream milk together and stir gently into the mixture. Bake at 170°C for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

B. Crunchy Feuilletine

1. Hazelnut paste 66g
2. Beryl’s Milk Compound Chocolate 206g
3. Nestum / fueilletine 220g


Combine the melted Beryl’s Milk Compound Chocolate and hazelnut paste and mix well. Pour the mixture into nestum / fueilletine and spread it on a tray evenly. Refrigerate before use.

C. Chocolate Ganache

1. Beryl’s Extra Dark Compound Chocolate 523g
2. Dairy cream 266g
3. Glucose 40g
4. Unsalted butter 106g


Bring the cream and glucose to a boil and then remove from heat and pour over the Beryl’s Extra Dark Compound Chocolate. Blend in unsalted butter into the hot chocolate cream mix and then whisk until smooth.

D. Dark Shiny Glaze

1. Water 50g
2. Fresh cream 250g
3. Caster sugar 360g
4. Beryl’s Premium Pure Cocoa Powder 120g
5. Gelatine 14g
6. Cold water 150g


Soak gelatine in cold water. And then boil water, cream and sugar in a pot seperately. While it is boilling, add the Beryl’s Premium Pure Cocoa Powder in and gently stir (to prevent the mixture from being burned). Remove from heat and add the soaked gelatin after that. Strain the mixture. Use at room temperature. Keep it refrigerated if not being used.

E. Mocha Butter Cream

1. Full cream milk 133g
2. Caster sugar 40g
3. Corn flour 13g
4. Caster sugar 10g
5. Egg yolk 13g
6. Vanilla flavor 1.5g
7. Unsalted butter 216g
8. Mocha paste 37g


Boil the full cream milk and caster sugar together. While it is boilling, add in corn flour, caster sugar, egg yolk and vanilla flavor – cook with medium heat. Stir until the mixture become custard texture. Spread the custard on a flat tray to cool down. Now put the butter, custard and mocha paste in a mixing bowl and beat the mixture with paddle-attachment until fluffy and creamy. Lastly, mix in with the totally cool down custard to become the butter cream.