Milk Chocolate Coffee Cake - Beryl's Gourmet
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Milk Chocolate Coffee Mousse

1. Full cream milk 50g
2. Beryl’s 41% Milk Chocolate 150g
3. Gelatin powder 4g
4. Cold water 20g
5. UHT whipping cream 180g
6. Coffee bean 18g


Soak the coffee bean and whipping cream over night before use in the refrigerator. Soak the gelatin powder with cold water and set aside. Combine full cream milk and Beryl’s 41% Milk Chocolate into a metal bowl and then bring to double boil until the milk chocolate is fully dissolved. Melt the gelatin and stir to dissolve completely and then add into chocolate mixture. Whip the remaining UHT whipping cream to soft peaks and fold into chocolate mixture.

Chocolate Sponge Sheet

Ingredients A
1. Egg Yolks 440g
2. Caster Sugar 180g
Ingredients B
1. Egg whites 660g
2. Caster suger 420g
3. Beryl’s Premium Pure Cocoa Powder 180g
4. Corn starch 30g
5. Cake flour 20g


In a mixing bowl, whisk (Ingredient A) to sabayon stage and whisk (Ingredient B) to meringue medium peak, fold both together. Sleve all dry ingredients and fold into the mixture. Spread into the tray lined with baking pper. Bake at 190°C for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes.